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Our New Food Specials!

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Friends! Our new food specials are starting this week! If you’re ballin’ on a budget, come check out these deliciously rad offerings!
Can you say stoked?

Buck Specials

It's Tex Mex Tuesday here at the buck! Burritos & Tacos are 50% off!!! Come get stoked, eh?

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Our new vegan Mexi Fries!

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It’s true. Even godless, socialist vegans like myself sometimes miss the comforting shame of scarfing some Taco Bell. The gentle hum of fluorescent lights. The judging stares of the employees. “Yes, all these tacos are for me, Scott! I hope your improv troupe is doing well.” We here at The Buck have a cruelty free option for yer toned behinds. Our new vegan Mexi Fries! Ground round, queso, tomato, sour cream and green onions. Heroically perched upon a summit of hand cut fries, like a decadent Edmund Hillary.

Put it in your face!

Check out our full menu HERE

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Marlaena Moore in concert at UP+DT Festival

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We here at The Buck are pretty darn lucky to have such talented and diverse staff and friends. Over the coming weeks we’d like to share their music and endeavors with you all.
First up is a voice that will knock your socks off. Her name is Marlaena Moore and you can find her slinging drinks here when she’s not off playing shows and knocking proverbial socks off with her songs. Check her stuff out HERE